The world’s leading, and most popular, business qualification is the Master of Business Administration (MBA). So, if you are looking for a wider exposure in business and economic environment, this highly – popular and long – running Programme would be suitable for you.

The goal of this MBA department is to sharpen the skills of the students to produce all-around professionals. Inputs like case study, Group discussion, Role-play; Model exercise and presentation are also included along with the curriculum.

This results in the development of the leadership skills, team spirit, and understanding real life implication. This department frequently invites eminent professionals from industry to have a strong industry institute interface.

Our distinguished faculty comprises senior academics and industry experts who are familiar with the most current business concepts and are passionate about teaching.

Recently we topped as the Best Results in MBA Results of UPTU and MTU (As per result declared on 30/06/2018).

Courses Offered: 2 Year Full Time MBA with Specialization in



Human Resources

International Business

Information Technology

Open Specialization

Insurance & Risk Management

Hospitality Management

Project Management

Rural Management

Extra Skill Base Training

The department has well equipped laboratories with most modern infrastructure to cater to the present day need of the industries. The department is very well equipped with computational facilities and resources both in terms of hardware and software. Some of the laboratories with their major facilities are:

‘On’ & ‘Off’ – Campus TrainingIndustrial Tours & VisitsSeminars & Workshops
Field Training & Projects WorkSummer & Winter InternshipCareer Counselling & Guidance
Special Presentations & WorkshopsCase Studies & Role Plays.

Faculty Members

Mr. Rajesh Singh ProfessorMBAHead of DepartmentMBA
Mr. Faraz Khan ProfessorBusiness AdministrationAcademic Coordinator (ERP)MBA(IB)
Mr. Abhishek Srivastava ProfessorMBAMBA (Marketing / IT)
Deepak SharmaAssociate ProfessorMBA
Paper/Book Published:
  1. Paper” MARKETING Mix Innovations: -the new Panacea for Indian Product Managers” Published with IMR-Management Speak, Inaugural issue, July-Dec 2007.
  2. Case study “Sakshat- Rs 500 Laptop” published with IMR Management Speak Vol 3 No 2, issue July-Dec 2010 (ISSN: 2231-1467.
  3. Paper “Product Placements in Hindi Films-issues and challenges” published with IMR-Management Speak, Vol 4 No 2, Jul-Dec 2011 issue
  4. Case Study “Goli-making of a Crorepati by selling vada pav-1” presented at National Convention in XLRI, Jamshedpur November 11 – 13, 2011.
  5. Case Study “Goli-making of a Crorepati by selling vada pav-2” revised, published by HSB Business Review (ISSN : 0976-1179), Vol.3, No 1, Jan-June 2012
  6. Case study ‘Ra One’ Presented at the GBMF International Conference at GHSIMR, Kanpur.
  7. Case study’ Ra One’ accepted for publication by HSB Business Review {ISSN : 0976-1179) coming Issue July-Dec 2013
ImageNameDepartmentDesignationQualificationExperienceAdministrative Role
Ms. Arzoo GuptaBusiness Administration DepartmentAssistant ProfessorB.Sc., MBA (Finance and HR), UGC-NET –Management (2018)1 yearFaculty In-charge (Recruitment)
  1. Article Published in Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks, Volume 3, Issue 2, 2019 with title “Cross Border Acquisition of JLR : A Boon or Pain for Tata Motors” in ARMG Publishing, Sumy State University, Rymskogo – Korsakova, Ukraine
  1. Contributed Book Chapter for Working Capital Management in “Fundamentals of Financial Accounting In Machine World (First Edition, 2020)” published by Himalaya Publishing House
ImageNameDepartmentDesignationQualificationsExperienceAdditional Role
Dr. Vineet PandeyManagement DepartmentAssociate ProfessorB.Sc., M.Sc., MBA, UGC-NET, PhD (BHU)14 YearsIn-charge Boys Hostel
Paper Published:
  1. Indian Retailing in 21st Century: Opportunities & Challenges. National Journal “Parimita”, ISSN-0974-6129, pg. 88-90, Vol 2(2). July-September 2009
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  1. A Case titled “The Enron Scandal” is published in an International Book Titled “Business Ethics” authored by Shailendra Kumar & Alok Kumar Rai, published by Cengage Learning India Pvt. Limited, ISBN: 978-93-5350-029-0, 2018. Pg.337-345
  1. Author of a book titled “Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Planning”, ISBN-978-3-659-68718-1, published by Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. , 2015
  2. Author of a book titled “Managing Mobile Communication System: An Analytical Perspective”, ISBN-978-81-936252-3-1, published by R K Prakashan, New Delhi , 2018
Mohd AzamAssistant ProfessorMBAPh.D (p),NET,ABTECH,MBA
Paper/Book Published:
  1. Published paper titled “Green Marketing; Eco Friendly Approach” in International Journal Of Innovative Research &Development; ISSN 2278-0211 ( DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), BASE – Germany, Ulrich’s – USA, Open J-Gate – India, DRJI (Directory of Research Journal Indexing) and Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek EZB -Germany) with Global Impact Factor-0.475 :Volume 3, Issue 2, February 2014.
  2. Published chapter titled “Need of an hour-Crisis Management” in Book Title: Occupational Hazards and welfare measures-A labour perspective; ISBN: 971-81-923134-8-1;Publication.
  3. “Role of customer care service in telecom sector”, Scopus index Journal of Seybold Report, ISSN NO: 133-9211, September issue.
Diksha GuptaAssistant ProfessorMBAMBA (HR, MARKETING)
SonuAssistant ProfessorMBAMBA (MARKETING &HR) NET