Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell


  • To create an awareness about IPR for faculties and students of the Institution.
  • To impart training on future endeavors regarding patent filing processes, procedure of IPR, screen projects, make draft and file patents to the competing authority.
  • To conduct workshops, seminars and training course on IPR.
  • To promote better understanding of IP.
  • To encourage faculty members and students to go patentable works.
  • Frame and keep updated IPR Policy of the Institution.
  • Communicate the IPR Policy to the various stakeholders and the Inventors of the Institution, students in general.
  • Identify prospective inventions, innovations, Service improvement ideas and Copy rights.
  • Compensate the Inventors with due reward for encouraging inventions.
  • To promote technology advancements for improved quality of life and environment protection.


  • IPR cell shall guide and help the faculty members and students of KITP in patentability assessment and to apply for various IPRs such as Invention(s), Models, other creative works.
  • The faculty members /students desirous of filing a patent or for any other IPR application would be given the necessary advice and guidance by the IPR cell.
  • An internal approval from the Director wherein the names of the Inventors/Authors shall be mentioned is to be signed by the Director and forwarded by the HOD for approval of the coordinator of IPR Cell.
  • Invention Patent /Trademark and similar documents are to be treated and maintained confidentially by the IPR Cell.
  • The IPR cell shall help the inventor in drafting the patent application/ or any other IPR application and filling of relevant forms.
  • The draft application along with the relevant forms shall be forwarded to the concerned agency/authority by the IPR cell.
  • The IPR Cell shall correspond with the authority/agency and the inventors on IP matters.
  • The inventors would be required to cooperate with the IPR cell to expedite furnishing of information for timely actions since delay would mean payment of extra fee to the patent office.
  • Any work sought to be filed by a faculty member and or student(s) arising out of R&D work done at KITP will be filed in joint names as inventors or authors while KITP shall be the applicant and owner of Intellectual Property (IP).
  • After filing of the application for IP protection, the inventors shall inform the IPR cell of any further development, if any, in the related R&D work.


Activity Chart

Sr. No. Process                                               
1.Finding the problem statement (New innovative idea for patent / Problem identification)
2.Checking existent of the idea (Plagiarism / already filed)
3.Getting the approval / acceptance from the IPR cell.
4.Implementation / Progress work (Research survey / weekly status report)
5.Submission of final report to the IPR cell
6.Filing process / final output product
7.Submission the proof / acknowledgement of filing process
  • Lecture on Intellectual property rights.