Examination Cell Overview:

Examination Cell plays a very important role in evaluation. The Examination Cell in Kanpur Institute of Technology and Pharmacy is headed by the Controller of Examination with other supporting staff. The main responsibility of Examination Cell is to conduct Internal Exams.

Functions of Examination Cell:

  1. Examination Cell follows all Examination notices received from University.
    2. Examination Cell prepares notices for students regarding Internal Examination Schedule.
    3. Examination Cell prepares Examination Schedule, Invigilation duty charts, seating plan for the students in the internal Examinations.
    4. Examination Cell maintains all examination related records of all the internal examinations.
    5. Examination cell maintain all records of internal duty records of invigilators.
    6. Examination Cell issues the class test copies to faculties & maintains marks & absent/present data.
    7. Examination Cell maintains all UFM records of Internal Examinations.