Incremental steps lead to large changes, so the Department of Student Welfare is making every effort to improve the students’ situation. The administration collaborates with KITP’s Clubs and Chapters to ensure that every student may learn and flourish in a supportive environment. This creates a vibrant, entertaining, and resourceful community in which they may put their illustrious years to good use. KITP strives to promote, introduce, and extend any and all projects that can mold the minds of our nation’s and the world’s youth. As a result, KITP has a well-organized framework that allows Clubs and Chapters to carry out everyday operations. To ensure the pupils’ growth, these events are carefully approved and supervised. We also notice a number of external individuals getting involved in our cultural and technical events. We think that our students are the future leaders of the world, thus we provide them with numerous possibilities to develop in this area. Students can join the Student Council or form a new Club or Chapter and have it approved by the Department of Student Welfare. The Institute’s student teams give students exposure and a pleasant environment in which to engage and collaborate. By selecting students and awarding scholarships, KITP shows its support.

The Student Welfare Group began as an idea born of a desire to preserve and maintain a stress-free campus environment. Today, it is a committed group of students willing to address a variety of student concerns. It aspires to become a more successful system that represents and implements more activities for the benefit of students. The goal of the Student Welfare Group is to make every student’s life at KITP as smooth as possible so that they can reach their full potential both at KITP and in their professional careers. The Student Welfare Group wants to instill in every student the belief that they can achieve all of their life goals.  The Student Welfare Group helps students solve problems in all areas of their lives, whether academic or extra-academic, curricular or co-curricular. Its goal is to develop and maintain an environment that encourages personal growth and discovery, the pursuit of healthy minds and bodies, and involvement in the creation of a loving community.