Libraries: There are two Libraries in the campus.

Pharmacy Library is spread over 150 Sq. meter area having separate space for issue return section, reading section, reference section. It has a total collection of over 10675 volumes of books. The core subject of Pharmacy and book collection of Pharmacognosy includes 656 books and 58 titles, Pharmacology includes 1042 books and 129 titles, Pharmaceutical Chemistry includes 1304 books and 133 titles, Pharmaceutics includes 1818 books and 191 titles. It opens from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Central Library is a double storied building and opens from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Reading room is air-conditioned. It has a collection of rare books, latest magazines, and current news-papers. The faculty member (library in-charge) and library staff give orientation to students admitted to First Year. B. Pharm. The orientation includes rules and regulations of the library, procedure for issue and return of books, available e-resources in the library and access to the same.

Library Automation:

Library is having a fully automated and installed programme with an Integrated Library Management Software i.e. LIBSYS, Version LSEASE (Software to Web Centric LSEase Software on Windows). OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facility is made available through Library Management Software. OPAC computerized system is provided to the students, which facilitates them to have a glance at the number of books available, number of issued books, new books added to the list which helps them to issue the correct book when required. All the work related to issue and return has been computerized. All the books in the library are bar-coded. The library is also a member of E-consortium. The library is also a club member of NDL (National Digital Library). Library user signs in the register kept at the entrance. Security of resources is ensured through a system of checking at the exit point for all resources borrowed by the users. CCTV cameras are also fixed in the library for strict surveillance. It is the resource hub for knowledge and has a vast collection of books, journals, magazines, periodicals. There are basically 12 teachers and 46 students in approximation who visit library on daily basis. All the books are segregated subject wise and shelved in the properly labeled cupboards. All the books are given accession number, the reference books and books for issue-return are stored separately. Books are issued to the students from the book bank in starting semester. Every student is issued with maximum 3 library cards and 1 book per each card with renewal period of 10 days. Library has a collection of official compendia viz., Indian Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia. The library gives facilities for self-study, research information collection and assemblage. Newspaper stand for daily newspaper reference is mounted and updated daily. Stock verification are conducted at the end of every academic session and identifies the books to be weeded out because of change in syllabus or physical damage. In the academic session of 2022-23, approximately 948 books were purchased for the institute to have in the library with a cost of Rs 226940.

Library Details