Entrepreneurship Cell, KITP Kanpur


The Entrepreneurship Cell of Kanpur Institute of Technology and Pharmacy (KITP), Kanpur was established in with the aim of instilling an entrepreneurial spirit among individuals. With immense enthusiasm, we work towards bringing forward the concealed potential held by today’s youth for the betterment of society. We operate on our goal by bridging the network gap that exists in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. By creating an efficient channel comprising students, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, venture capital firms and industry experts, we aspire to break all barriers hindering growth in India’s startup sector. In addition, we strive to create an avenue for students to sharpen their business insight and skills through competitions and interactive speaker sessions.


The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of KITP, Kanpur seeks to transform how entrepreneurship is perceived in society. We firmly believe that entrepreneurship is the key to fostering innovation in India and promoting the values surrounding entrepreneurship will result in attainment of the full capacity of the youth’s aptitude. We hope to create a future where the youth views entrepreneurs as statues of inspiration and entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

Entrepreneurship Cell Committee

Ms. Swati Katiyar


Mr. Satish Kumar


Mr. Ankur Yadav


Ms. Jyoti Yadav


Ms. Dipti Sachan