Overview – PCRC

The Placement Cell is entrusted with the highly crucial task of selecting, inviting and following up with the corporate with whom KITP, Kanpur explores 100% placements of its students. It is one of facilitating units of KITP Kanpur, which engages with Industry and constantly strives for expanding the industry-academia interface. In providing professional courses of the Institute, It is the dream of every student to get a job offer through campus placements while still being in the institute’s prestige in the contemporary society. It insists on the enthusiasm of students and gives every opportunity to explore in all aspects. Placement Cell at KITP, Kanpur is committed to get more and more recruiting companies on-board and it is heartening to note that each year we have been doing better than the previous one. In addition to, as the Placement Cell keeps abreast with the needs of the job market during its interaction with the industries. We are conducting numerous mock placement drives, interviews to prepare our students ready to face the global competition. We are providing training sessions, seminars and many important webinars to update their skills in all formats according to global market requirements.

Placement Portal

Kanpur Institute of Technology and Pharmacy is in partnership with superset placements portal, which provides a one stop solution to the students as well as Training and Placement Officers to work towards better placement procedures and smooth functioning of the recruitment drive. The job opportunities are shared through the portal, where the students are able to locate the jobs of their preferences, be aware of the processes and guidelines as well as get notified for each step of the placement drive with utmost transparency.

LINK: https://joinsuperset.com/

Placement Records

Placement record 2023

Company NameNo. of students
LLR Hospital (State Medical )  2
Minimalist  2
Healthwatch (A CHC Company)  14
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd  6
Nipro Medical India  1
Cryoviva  4
HFA Formulations Pvt. Ltd  1
Netmedse Pharmacy  1
IGP Mediventures  2
Nucora LifeCare  4

Placement record 2022

Company NameNo. of students
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories  1
Healthwatch Telediagnostic Pvt Ltd  12
Byju’s  1
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd  3
Artech  1
Cloudshope Technologies Pvt Ltd  2
Extramarks Education Pvt Ltd  1
Anondita Healthcare  3
Planet Spark  2
Pregrad  1

Recruiters @ KIT

List and logos of Tier I and Grade A Recruiters

Our Recruiters