• Any hierarchical oppression based on gender disparity that prevents intellectual or academic advancement is prohibited.
  • Preventing a gender-biased attitude while judging the effectiveness of work assigned during working hours.
  • Protection of a woman’s fundamental rights.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Assisting women in realising their freedom rights.
  • To treat sexual harassment as a form of misbehaviour and to take appropriate disciplinary action.
  • To assist the woman who has been wronged in filing a complaint.
  • To protect the person who has been mistreated.
  • To provide sexual harassment education and training to students.

Anti-women Harassment cell

women harassment committee 2018-2019Minutes of meeting of WHC 2018-19
women harassment committee 2019-2020Minutes of meeting of WHC 2019-20
women harassment committee 2020-2021Minutes of meeting of WHC 2020-21
women harassment committee 2021-2022Minutes of meeting of WHC 2021-22
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