Dr.Neeraj Mishra

Dean Academics

Welcome to the Kanpur Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

In today’s competitive world, having a professional and specialized education becomes an imperative for future success. We, at the Kanpur Institute of Technology, are committed to provide excellent academic environment. The focus is on ‘creative learning’ based on the unique approaches ,Internships are provided for interaction with the experts from the industry through guest lectures, field visits, training, activities of the student chapters of international professional bodies(like IEEE), sponsorships to technical paper presentation competitions etc.
Students are also involved in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities, national / international level technical events like Hackathon, skills India competition, as well as other events organized by reputed institutions.
The academic process is Outcome Oriented and ensures development of desired skill set as required by the Industry. Well built academic system, facilitated by qualified faculty from premier institutions, supported by ICT and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
Our strong association with industry and academia help us to endeavour in new dimensions of Engineering and Management. We have adapted the recent technologies and incorporated ICT tools which are part of our teaching – learning pedagogy, including online and offline content delivery.
With the presence of ICT tools, technology and competent faculties,  we have incorporated MOOCs, Value Added Courses, Seminars, webinars, that can be easily managed online involving national / international experts from across the globe.
We have a strong examination management system and ERP; where most of the activities of examinations are digitally managed.
KIT is a centre of learning where young talents nurtured in the different fields of their choice. The major emphasis is on imparting technical training to encourage innovativeness among the students and the foundation from where they can acquire quick learning ability and adaptively with the fast changing needs of the industry, We ensure our students get right kind of training to make them industry ready and excel in the field of their choice and career pathways.
 KIT  provide a conducive environment to ensure students are easily absorbed in industry and seeking good positions in the corporate sector, government sector, start ups, research institutions, higher studies in Indian / foreign institutions etc.
The basic purpose is to transform young, enthusiastic students into a competent professional capable of accepting the challenges of the industry.
Our students are innovators, engineers, managers, great scientists, entrepreneurs, and aspiring leaders –and are located at every corner of the country.
I am confident that the students of KIT would be an asset to the organization through their technical and managerial capabilities.

Best wishes,
Dr.Neeraj Mishra
Dean Academics