Sports KIT:

It is well known that a healthy mind resides within a healthy body and nothing is worth more than a healthy body. Sports games and physical activities are integral part of one’s life. Kanpur institute of technology promotes sports activities and ensures student’s participation in them.

 We as an institute create an environment for sports which is filled with healthy competition among students and teaches them team building along with inculcating a winning spirit.

We also believe that sports activities provides the students a platform to build their concentration level and to keep them physically and mentally fit.

The dedicated sports department of Kanpur institute of technology provides our students with a bunch of opportunities to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle with pursuing academics.

Our motto:

To enhance physical fitness of students and creating opportunities which will make them learn team building, leadership qualities, tackling healthy competition,etc.

Sports facilities:

To implement these visions about sports we provide various facilities in our campus which include both indoor as well as outdoor sports.

Students are encouraged to participate in indoor games like chess , table tennis , carrom, etc. also we provide sporting equipments and grounds for outdoor sports such as shot put, javelin throw, basketball, volleyball, cricket, football ,etc.